Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes, I am a good mom!

I've been pondering this blog for a while (like everything in life), but I read a blog the other day that made me say "ah ha". If you haven't read Don’t Carpe Diem you really should.

So, here's my take on Mom-ing and Carpe Diem...

The meaning of Carpe Diem is popularly translated as "seize the day".

I love being a mom, absolutely love it. (Remember this is coming from the girl who was iffy on child raising!) Maybe I love it because really for the most part Kenzee is very easy going, tender hearted and loving, but I more like to think I love being a mom because at the end of the day I can reflect on the good things. I remember the hard part of the day, but the good things are what I concentrate on.

My goal each and every day is to be able to say we survived the day, we had a good time doing it, and I learned something today!

It also helps that I have a sign that says "You're the best MOTHER in the Universe" that I look at every morning and evening!

I hope you are "Carpe Diem-ing" today!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello?!? Anyone out there?? If you are, kudos to you for sticking around, if you aren't well I can't say I blame you.

I think I've taken blogging WAY to seriously, and put to much pressure on myself to be a good blogger. I can't be good at something I'm not doing. However, I love the creative outlet it lends! So, I'm not going to be the best blogger around, but I am going to dust this baby off and use it to "journal" our daily lives so I have something to share with Kenzee when she is old enough to want to know!

I actually just ran across my recap of 2010 with it more than 1/2 way through the year, yet unfiinished. So how about something a little different?

Here are the top 11 things of 2011 (in no particular order)!

  1. We experienced our first trip to Chuck E Cheese with Kenzee

  2. Scabbies (with other illnesses piled on top of that, and an ER trip)

  3. First Day of School

  4. Barefoot Dream Designs birth (including classes, photo shoots, designing, and many other projects!)

  5. My first overnight trip away from Kenzee

  6. Potty Training

  7. Spring/Summer in Oklahoma (including storms, and crazy heat)

  8. Kaleb aka Buboo graduating from High School

  9. Brandon aka Uncle B graduating from the Police Academy

  10. Vacation (including throw up)

  11. But most importantly time with family and friends still ranks at the top of the list for us!

With that being said, here are some of my favorite pictures from 2011 and a kick off of a wonderful 2012!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How do you teach your child?

I heard something on the radio this morning about the comparison between a child when they are in kindergarten vs. college. It was one of those daily affirmation type commercials (and I probably read more into them than a lot of people do), and it really made me think about how we are raising Kenzee. The comparison was about a child in kindergarten who will sing, dance, draw, really everything in front of an audience, vs. an adult who will do very little in front of even their biggest fan. The reasoning behind the commercial was to get you to think before you act, rather than criticize someone for something instead to encourage them.

I can think back to the exact time someone told me I looked “dumb” in the way I was dancing. It was at that very minute that I stopped dancing, and unless it was a choreographed dance routine then you would NOT catch me dancing/free-styling or anything that could make me look “dumb” (even in the security of my own bedroom). Those words came from the mouth of a friend of mine and we were probably 8 – 9 years old, but even then I KNEW I did not want to give someone a reason to make fun of me, or to think I looked “dumb”.

Of course there is no way I can ensure this doesn’t happen to Kenzee, but what I can do is encourage her to play, create, and be confident in the things she does. I can create an environment where she is comfortable just being her, and teach her that her confidence will only come from within!

As my friend BETSY said in her blog the other day, “fake it until you make it”.

Does she look confident?!?

Blogging Ideas...

Since it's been so long since I blogged (a real true post), I think I should just jump right back in. Right? It can't be that hard. Right? Isn't it going to be kind of like jumping into the swimming pool for the first time of the season? Just jump in feet first, and enjoy the cold icy sensation that comes over you? Ok, maybe not that painful, but you get the drift!

I have been beating myself up for not blogging more for Kenzee, for not documenting every day life. And that has held me back from blogging - my thinking I need to go back and catch everyone up from the past year. Well, that's not going to happen, so welcome to the middle of February 2011. We are going to start from here and move forward!

If you don't know me, well you should. If you don't know the cast of characters in my life, you are probably going to get to know them fairly quickly!!

I've thought long and hard about the challenge of daily blogging, and while I don't know if I can keep up with daily blogging, I am definitely going to try to keep up with normal blogging!

So without further adieu...

Here are a few things I have on my list (imagine that - a list) titled "Things to Blog About"

- Crying
- Where you live
- Am I making her just like me?
- Baby vs. No Baby
- Body Language
- Labels
- Life Purpose
- Life is NOT Fair
- Sometimes you have to find the blessings
- Birth Order
- Don't Give Your Power Away
- What's You Intention?
- Never Get Stuck in One Spot
- Technology Kids
- Miscarriage
- Most Important Person in a Child's Life

So if you are following along with me let's get to it! AND if you have any ideas or suggestions you would like me to follow up on let me know!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I have been a horrible blogger - and I think one of the "resolutions" I had for 2010 was to document our lived better in writing. Wow - I have been horrible at that. How about I write a year in review - and I also talk Brian into doing the same thing? Then you get two different views, and the whole run down!

We will make that a priority to do in the coming week, so stay tuned for an update on 2010!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Haffy Birthday Kenzee!!

My baby girl is 18 months old today! Since Kenzee was born in December we have talked about having a "Haffy" Birthday for her once she gets old enough to realize her birthday is so close to Christmas. I thought I would go ahead an celebrate a "Haffy" Birthday for her!

She is growing like a weed, and more importantly learning things almost by the minute. Learning by the minute isn't always a good thing - because if you turn your back and it gets quiet - watch out!!!

How about a few funny things that have been happening as Kenzee LEARNS!!

The other day we were getting ready to go out to dinner. I told Brian to just leave Kenzee in the bathroom with me while I showered (this is not abnormal). When Brian returned he found puddles of water on the bathroom floor, Kenzee in the shower with me, and me laughing hysterically. Kenzee had climbed up on the edge of the bathtub and was standing there waving at me. Rather than risk a trip to the ER because she fell, I jumped out of the shower, and put her in with me (hence the puddles of water on the floor).

Another morning as I was getting ready to leave the house, again getting ready in the bathroom, Kenzee found my nail polish and was carrying it around. (She is already much more fashion conscious than I am!) I heard something hit the tile floor, and Kenzee say, "UHOH MOM!". Those two words are not a good combination. She had dropped the nail polish and it had busted. I guess because of the look on my face Kenzee backed up into my carpeted closet, and got hot pink polish on the carpet. I snagged her up and attempted to clean her off first (water only smears polish), and then went to work on the tile, grout, walls, carpet, potty chair, door, and glass shower. Just in case you were wondering nail polish remover only works on nails - nothing more. Windex works wonders on carpet though. I am still working on the grout, but have heard a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will do the trick. (I will let you know!)

So there you have it - the life of a mommy with an 18 month old!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nail Polish

I know I should blog more, much more just to keep a record of the great things going on. This is one of those instances I can't pass up - sorry no pictures though.

This morning when getting ready Kenzee was doing her normal thing. Playing with anything she could get her hands on in the bathroom. She is normally really good and plays in the floor, and doesn't string everything out. This morning started off just the same. Then I hear something drop and Kenzee say, "Uhoh".

I saw pink nail polish all over! She had dropped the bottle and it broke. It was on her feet, hands, the tile floor, grout, door, wall, potty chair, and carpet. Oops!

My first thought (after making sure Kenzee was ok), was to get her cleaned up as quickly as possible so it wasn't tracked anywhere else. Then I broke out the polish remover. Before using that on the carpet I decided to use my best research tool - the internet. Luckily, I found that Windex is the magic cleaner for nail polish and carpet. After much scrubbing the untrained eye can't see the hazy pink-ness!

Oh the things we will have to tell Kenzee!!