Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello?!? Anyone out there?? If you are, kudos to you for sticking around, if you aren't well I can't say I blame you.

I think I've taken blogging WAY to seriously, and put to much pressure on myself to be a good blogger. I can't be good at something I'm not doing. However, I love the creative outlet it lends! So, I'm not going to be the best blogger around, but I am going to dust this baby off and use it to "journal" our daily lives so I have something to share with Kenzee when she is old enough to want to know!

I actually just ran across my recap of 2010 with it more than 1/2 way through the year, yet unfiinished. So how about something a little different?

Here are the top 11 things of 2011 (in no particular order)!

  1. We experienced our first trip to Chuck E Cheese with Kenzee

  2. Scabbies (with other illnesses piled on top of that, and an ER trip)

  3. First Day of School

  4. Barefoot Dream Designs birth (including classes, photo shoots, designing, and many other projects!)

  5. My first overnight trip away from Kenzee

  6. Potty Training

  7. Spring/Summer in Oklahoma (including storms, and crazy heat)

  8. Kaleb aka Buboo graduating from High School

  9. Brandon aka Uncle B graduating from the Police Academy

  10. Vacation (including throw up)

  11. But most importantly time with family and friends still ranks at the top of the list for us!

With that being said, here are some of my favorite pictures from 2011 and a kick off of a wonderful 2012!