Thursday, February 17, 2011

How do you teach your child?

I heard something on the radio this morning about the comparison between a child when they are in kindergarten vs. college. It was one of those daily affirmation type commercials (and I probably read more into them than a lot of people do), and it really made me think about how we are raising Kenzee. The comparison was about a child in kindergarten who will sing, dance, draw, really everything in front of an audience, vs. an adult who will do very little in front of even their biggest fan. The reasoning behind the commercial was to get you to think before you act, rather than criticize someone for something instead to encourage them.

I can think back to the exact time someone told me I looked “dumb” in the way I was dancing. It was at that very minute that I stopped dancing, and unless it was a choreographed dance routine then you would NOT catch me dancing/free-styling or anything that could make me look “dumb” (even in the security of my own bedroom). Those words came from the mouth of a friend of mine and we were probably 8 – 9 years old, but even then I KNEW I did not want to give someone a reason to make fun of me, or to think I looked “dumb”.

Of course there is no way I can ensure this doesn’t happen to Kenzee, but what I can do is encourage her to play, create, and be confident in the things she does. I can create an environment where she is comfortable just being her, and teach her that her confidence will only come from within!

As my friend BETSY said in her blog the other day, “fake it until you make it”.

Does she look confident?!?


QueenB said...

You are so sweet and such an inspiration in the way you approach life and parenting! Muah, old friend!

Anonymous said...

Very well said! Words are our worst enemies! There are many things that were said to me as a child/teenager and to this day, when I think about them, it hurts! I will definitely be taking your advice!