Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nail Polish

I know I should blog more, much more just to keep a record of the great things going on. This is one of those instances I can't pass up - sorry no pictures though.

This morning when getting ready Kenzee was doing her normal thing. Playing with anything she could get her hands on in the bathroom. She is normally really good and plays in the floor, and doesn't string everything out. This morning started off just the same. Then I hear something drop and Kenzee say, "Uhoh".

I saw pink nail polish all over! She had dropped the bottle and it broke. It was on her feet, hands, the tile floor, grout, door, wall, potty chair, and carpet. Oops!

My first thought (after making sure Kenzee was ok), was to get her cleaned up as quickly as possible so it wasn't tracked anywhere else. Then I broke out the polish remover. Before using that on the carpet I decided to use my best research tool - the internet. Luckily, I found that Windex is the magic cleaner for nail polish and carpet. After much scrubbing the untrained eye can't see the hazy pink-ness!

Oh the things we will have to tell Kenzee!!