Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prepare Yourself

to fall in love, and then have your heart just ripped right out of your chest. I'm not sure if this just hits home because of a beautiful little baby girl or if the name has anything to do with it. This is the kind of story that makes you go in and wake up your sleeping baby - just so you can hug her, and hug her again.

Enjoy the little things - even what you think is "bad"...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nostalgic kind of day...

Yesterday was Little Miss' birthday party. Yep, the first birthday party. I think it was highly successful. Our house didn't burst at the seams, but we had more people here than we ever have. It was so nice to have everyone celebrate with us. We had a great turn out, and missed those who couldn't join us.

Brian and I didn't struggle with the day (well a bit, but not too much), but it wasn't her "real" birthday either. Wednesday might be a totally different story.

Here is the rundown of the birthday party -
- Princess dressed in zebra and a wonderfully handmade tutu, complete with a matching hairbow
- Presents, presents and more presents!!! (I might need a bigger house for the new toys!)
- Cake - And yes she actually got a bit messy! However, she didn't exactly enjoy her daddy pushing her hand into the cake.
- Playing with all of those presents and enjoying her friends!
- Little Miss crashing just as people started to leave.

Now some of my tips for those of you planning a 1st Birthday Party -

- Have someone else take pictures for the big day. Then you don't have to worry about trying to capture everything yourself. Hire someone, enlist in a great friend, or family member. You won't regret it. I didn't pick up a camera during the party and it was nice. Plus, there might actually be some pictures of me!

- Whatever you can do ahead DO IT! Mix the punch up and have it ready to go. Someone else can and will pour it for you. If you can't (or don't want to have) have everything out have those items handy for restocking, and someone to help!

- Don't worry about spending big money. Baby won't remember where the cake came from, but she will remember all of those little notes that people left for her!

- If you forget something don't worry no one will know you had it planned anyway. (Unless it is something like the cake!)

- Enjoy!!!

Now that the party is over and the toys have a new home (ok, maybe in the middle of the floor), all of the friends are gone and I had a full night of sleep it is a nostalgic kind of day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How does this happen?!?

I wish time would just stand still for a few more days - let me slow down, and just savor the last few days of my baby girl not being 1, but still talking about her in "month" age. That's ok though, because I can say I have been able to enjoy this year and feel like I have been able to take it all in, rather than looking back saying I wish I had done (insert anything here). I have enjoyed every single bit of being a mommy - even when sleep is lacking.

We are going to seal a time capsule for Kenzee to open when she gets older. If you would like to contribute please let me know! If you have any ideas of something to put in it let me know that as well.

I will update again soon!