Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from my Princess Batgirl!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick weekend catch up

We had a great weekend! Friday my mom, Kenzee and I went to An Affair of the Heart. Crazy, crazy - stuff, people, estrogen! I think you could possibly get high off of the amount of estrogen packed into buildings (or maybe it is just a mixture of perfume!). Anyway, it was great this year because I KNEW who I was shopping for. I probably spent a little more money than Brian thinks (oh babe just kidding - but please don't look in my wallet for any receipts!) but definitely well worth it!

Saturday my mom and I went back. We were able to knock out a few Christmas gifts, and even better those gifts are being shipped so we didn't even have to carry them! SCORE!! After AAOTH I came home to snuggle with Baby Girl and watch some football. Pretty low key kind of night really.

Today - we met up with some friends and let the girls play at the park! It was super nice. I wish the weather was a bit nicer, but for what we have been experiencing I will take it. No wind, and not incredibly cold. The girls had their jackets on, but not to bad! We will be doing more stuff like that so Kenzee has some exposure to other little people.

Now back to laundry and getting ready for the week.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

9 Month Check up

Yes, you read that correctly. At 10 months 1 week and 5 days Kenzee had her 9 month check up. She is doing great, and perfect. Of course that is what we expect!! Her weight is below the 50th percentile, and her height is right at the 75th percentile. Funny - she is tall and skinny! I am thinking she gets that from me!

Not only am I here you update you on Kenzee's stats, but I am also here to tell you about our horrible pediatrician appointment yesterday. I probably should have left before we even walked in the door! (Not to mention I already knew there was something very pressing for me waiting at work.) Anyway, as we were running into Kenzee's 8:30 appointment (yes, in the parking lot right on time!) a lady who was walking much slower than we were got in our way. We walked into the office, and the waiting room was busy, not full but busy. There was a mom and what I assumed were her two children sitting across from us. Upon further observation I figured out the little girl was not hers but she belonged to another family! The little girl was interacting with the baby as if he were her brother. Strange!! Even stranger that the girl's mom came over and picked up the baby after he fell down, including reaching around the mom!! I was totally shocked. Brian was daring the little girl to come over to "help" with Kenzee. I can't imagine what he might have said to her!

So moving along! A lady walks in with what I assume are her grandchildren. I question that though because this lady is successfully wearing the youngest baby in a wrap. (Something I wish I could master with Kenzee, but I just know somehow I would end up with the fabric wrapped around my neck!) I am telling Brian that I think that is so cool that she could do that, and at the same time she completely pulls up her shirt to nurse the baby... I figured out very quickly this is not grandma, but mom. Brian was taken back with her age, or what we would have figured her age to be, but I was appalled with her lack of consideration for others while nursing. **please note - I am one of the biggest breastfeeding advocates there is. I don't have any issues with breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public or anything!! but the manner in which she proceeded was HORRIBLE!** When I say she raised up her shirt, her COMPLETE midsection was exposed. Collarbone to the top of her pants. This baby she was nursing didn't appear to be hungry, she wasn't crying, and she wasn't a young baby either. I would say she was probably 8 months old. I just feel there is a way to nurse in public, and it shouldn't be bothersome to other people.

With all of that, and the children that have no idea how to behave I was ready to be DONE... Oh and we didn't leave the office until 11. Yep, that is 2.5 hours after our appointment was scheduled! And most of that was waiting in the waiting room

Monday, October 19, 2009

Keep saying it...

I have a dozen different thoughts for blogs in my head - I just have to find the time and energy to get them written down!

A little background before I give you something for a peace offering. Kenzee has been having "issues" with sleep the last few days. She wants to get up early, not sleep at night, and then not nap. I hear this could be a sign that she is on the verge of a breakthrough. I'm not sure what she is breakingthrough, but I give! I like to sleep - really like to sleep. Today at work after I had picked paci up off the ground for probably the 1,912,416,942th time (and it was only 8:42 a.m.) I threw paci on the desk and this is what I got in return! (I didn't have my camera with me at work, but Kenzee did a wonderful job of re-enacting the scene for me.) These make the sleepless nights and days so worth it...

Enjoy -

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick catch up...

I am going to do a quick catch up, and then promise to get back into blogging. It seems I let the blog go down before I let anything else fall, so I apologize.

So the quick run down on the D-household...

- Kenzee is 10 months old *ack*. Momma is really in denial that it is time to plan a 1st birthday party.

- Brian had to have surgery a few weeks ago, after an overnight stay in the ER. I am requesting a better "resort" to stay in next time. Luckily we were close to home, so I could go home in the middle of the night to feed Kenzee. Thanks Grammy for staying the night with Kenzee!

- Brian's dad has had two mini strokes over the past few weeks. Things are going well, and hopefully the new meds they have him on will take care of things. Lifestyle changes are hard to make, but as we all know - essential at times.

- Most of you know I forced myself a few years back to love to run. It was/is a love hate relationship, but it is time to do something again, so back to the LOVE relationship. Even better I was given a treadmill so that makes me LOVE it even more! Debating on the 1/2 in April! Remind me this is a LOVE relationship if I should complain.

- Our household has a new family member - Saltee. I do have pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. Saltee (named after Saltalamacchia) is a male Beta, and his coloring is identical to a Rangers jersey.

- Kenzee also has a new cousin as of last Thursday! The family is doing well!!

That should catch everyone up to speed!