Sunday, September 13, 2009


Isn't it great. I mean because of technology I can sit here at my bar eating dinner (yes, it is 10:30) on my laptop and blog, or even blog via my PHONE. Thank goodness right - because I know you all want to keep up with us!! tee hee hee. Now we all know that when things go bad with technology we all tend to get upset, so then it isn't so great.

We love our house - we really do, even if it is a work in progress (just because I can't be decisive). We even like our neighborhood, and the neighbors. (This reminds me we need to get out and meet others soon!) I like our neighborhood because there is one way in and one way out. 2 streets, and most of the families are about our age and live here for the same reasons we do. It is great that there are so many kids, and even better that there are probably 10 babies - ranging from a year to newborns.

Now that I have you, my avid readers, shaking your head thinking I really should go to bed you want to know what I am talking about... Well because of all of the babies that live so close to us, and technology together we are a pretty close neighborhood. HOWEVER, I don't want to know everything about you, your job, etc... Yep, you got it - that baby monitor is the culprit! I know we can cross with 2 different families.

So, if your neighbors seem to know EVERYTHING about you. They probably haven't hacked into your computer, or broken into your house - they've probably just been listening to your conversations through the baby monitor!

I think it's time for an upgrade!

(If you live close to me you might want to change channels!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's become a necessity that we childproof IMMEDIATELY! I was thinking we would be able to phase things out slowly. For instance - take the low breakables away, then take things off of the coffee table. But that isn't the case. Everything has to change, and now. Take a look at why:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's all about me...

haha... not really! kenzee and i are both sick. well not so much her, but me. yep, i have the horrible sinus infection that everyone else seems to have. prior to pregnancy i was used to instant gratification with sinus issues. high powered steroid shots, high doses of antibiotics, and then all chased with a great antihistamine. those aren't options now - i was only rewarded with a z-pack, a b-12 shot, and saline nose spray... while i miss being pregnant for a few reasons and don't miss it for a few others, i do miss being pregnant because my allergies and sinuses never bothered me. *ugh* couple that with teething, kenzee's allergies, and brian being out of town tonight, and you don't get a happy momma. it really isn't that bad. kenzee is out, wriglee is out, and i am sitting here checking out a blog of an old friend...

i need to do this more often... really... i know i say that a lot, but i will do better!

my brags for the day -

- kenzee is a crawling machine now. she looks like the baby doll that crawls. she crawls with intent

- kenzee's signs have come a long way. you can ask her what she wants and she can *kinda* tell you. so far we have the following mastered: milk, dog/puppy, bite, hi/bye, and she has her own signs that we are really working on picking up. it's time to break out the dvds again

so with that being said, i am headed to bed now. i hope kenzee sleeps well, because her mommy needs it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow... Take a look at a year ago!

and see how far we have come!

My little bug is doing so much lately! It is amazing to watch her learn something new every day. I can't remember the last time I posted, and what I posted, so here are some of the big highlights:

- Two bottom teeth (when this happened someone stole my laid back baby girl, and replaced her with a look alike screamer!)

- Sitting up from a tummy position (this is her preferred way to get around the house. roll, sit up and scoot, repeat!)

- Crawling - she has no desire (See above!)

- Pulling up - Kenzee is really working on this! I am sure she is going to be cruising soon enough! (Time to childproof)

- Eating - Kenzee wants to eat anything we are eating. Baby food is just secondary at this point in time. The only two things we have found she won't eat are peas (surprised?!?), and meatloaf.

- Big girl "stuff" -
- we have Kenzee from sleeping in the pack and play in our room to her bed in her own room!
- High chair - the bumbo at home is no more
- Car seat - Kenzee still (technically) fits in her infant carrier/seat, but it is just such a pain for me to get in and out of the car, and keeping her confined in it in any store is like Chinese water torture

- Wriglee - he is doing an amazing job with her! The other day I put her in her bouncy seat so I could do something very quickly, and by the time I looked at Kenzee (seriously 30 seconds later) she had managed to flip over and was attempting to Houdini her way out. Wriglee was standing there with his nose on her so she couldn't wiggle out.

- Play Toy - Kenzee's day is complete when her daddy comes home. She hears him lock his doors and the garage door close, and just sits very still and quiet waiting on him to open the garage door and then it is squeal/laugh fest!

Other than that, we are just keeping up with life! Ranger baseball season has kept us busy as we have been to Dallas to watch some games, and now college football season is upon us as well!

So, I guess I will close with two final thoughts...
Come on Rangers - let's see some postseason this year, and BOOMER -