Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who am I?

Have you ever google-ed yourself? I have and I do on normal occasions. There are times when I'm not clear on who I am, or if something has happened to me...

So here are my options -

  • Stacia Doughty - This doesn't pull any true information up about me.
  • Stacia Marie Doughty - Yep, there is something there about me, and it's true!
  • Stacia Marie Ford - Again, there I am, two times, and I have no idea what one of them is!
  • Stacy Doughty - The first entry - yep, that is me. The second (main entry), again, that's me. And the third, that is definitely me!

Brian's options -

  • Brian Doughty (lucky for him he has never changed his name!) - I went through 5 pages, and NOTHING that is him as far as I know...

Kenzee's options -

  • Kenzington Doughty - Nothing
  • Kenzee Doughty - WELL LOOKY THERE!!! Not only is it her, but even her beautiful pictures in the first entry. And in the 6th entry again!

So there you have it. If you ever want or need to know about yourself, just google yourself in case you have forgotten! I will bing us later!