Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On my soapbox...

It isn't often that I get on a soapbox, but when I do it is only because I care very passionately about something... Right now obviously I care a lot about infants, and their health.

This isn't a place where I feel like I need to push my beliefs on someone else, but in all honesty this is my piece of cyberspace, and mine only. If you don't like breastfeeding that is your prerogative, and if you don't want to hear about it, well then don't read... BUT if you continue on, I don't want to hear about the benefits of formula feeding, or for someone to think I am complaining. I am merely stating the facts based on my current situation.

I just don't understand how people don't understand how much breastfeeding takes out of a mother - emotionally and physically.

Emotionally - if things don't work out and you have set your mind to it, it can be a tremendous let down. As a woman you have things in mind that WILL work out, and that is how things are supposed to happen! If they don't then it becomes a let down. I am glad this isn't something I have had to deal with. But I am emotionally involved with breastfeeding Kenzee. There is no one else who can do that for me. Yes, I can pump and Kenzee could receive a bottle, but then what are the benefits (other than nutrition) for me to continue breastfeeding. I don't want to be attached to our pump. It is an awesome invention when necessary, but for our situation this isn't necessary.

Physically - Let's not even get into the nitty gritty of breastfeeding, but the nutrients have to come from somewhere, and all to often leaves my body feeling depleted... WAY depleted... And we must remember this is all on demand...

Let's only look at the average facts here:

  • Kenzee eats an average of 6 times a day
  • Each of those feedings takes an average of 15 minutes
  • Kenzee has been nursing for over 6 months now, but for a round number let's look at 6 months of breastfeeding, or 182.5 days

Time Totals:

  • That equals 1095 feedings at a minimum since she has been born
  • Totaling 16,425 minutes of her nursing
  • That makes 273.75 hours of nursing
  • Totaling 11.41 DAYS in 6 months nursing
  • Totaling a bit over 6 working days...

So as you can see at 6 months I have spent almost 2 weeks feeding Kenzee. What other one activity have you spent almost 2 weeks doing in the last 6 months? And to look at 2 weeks - that is the average time most people get for VACATION (actually 10 days) at work...

Now tell me how come people don't understand why it can be stressful, draining, and so rewarding all in one?

Friday, June 26, 2009

6 Month Update

I have really been lax in updating everything - pics included. Here is a quick rundown of things going on in our lives, and I will have to come back with pictures to make the story more real!

I think the last time I updated Kenzee had been to the doctor for tummy issues. Her tummy cleared up pretty quickly, but we also found out she had an ear infection. The first, and hopefully the last! She was a trooper, and wasn't fussy. Kenzee didn't act like she was in pain so I didn't feel *to* bad about not knowing she was sick. (I keep trying to tell myself that, but it doesn't always work!)

We had Little Miss' 6 month appointment a *wee* bit early. She stands at 26" tall, and weighs in at 15#s. Not bad in my opinion. Her weight was in the 50% and her height was in the 90%. (I think she gets both from me!) At that point in time my body had been giving her 99.9% of the nourishment she had been receiving.

We started her on "solids" a week before her 6 month appointment. Kenzee LOVES food! She has even licked out her cereal bowl! We have mastered all of the veggies in what they consider stage 1 (well except peas, and she isn't going to master those with us being her parents!). She loves sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, and she likes fruit, but would prefer veggies over fruit.

I'm sure she is going to love me for posting this for the entire world to see as she gets older! Early this week I had to quit giving her solids because she was constipated. I fed her prunes for 3 meals, and that seemed to do the trick. I will start adding things back into her diet now.

So some new things in Kenzee ever growing world:

  • Sitting up is her new favorite thing! In fact if Kenzee has been sitting up and she has to lay down you should expect her to wail.
  • Swimming - Kenzee loves to swim! In fact, she is starting to associate Grammy's house with swimming. Even if we aren't actually in the pool she expects to have her feet in the water! Going under isn't her favorite thing to do, but she is getting used to it.
  • Crawling - While Kenzee is attempting her own version of army crawling, I don't think she is very interested. I think she is going to go straight to walking.
  • Wriglee is Kenzee's very best friend. She just loves him and squeals when he comes into the room. Wriglee is adapting to her quiet well, and is becoming more and more intersted in her. Playing outside is their favorite thing to do together.

In the rest of our world -

  • Kenzee still comes to work with me, and is a huge hit with the guys here. She has a boyfriend, but shh don't tell her daddy! Wyatt, one of Kaleb's friends is working at the shop this summer and she just adores him!
  • Brian and I bit the bullet and bought a boat a few weeks ago. We love it, even if it is a learning experience. Brian's boating endeavors are pretty limited, but he is learning quickly. I love everything about it - as I always have. I hope some of Kenzee's best memories are lake memories too! She loves being in the boat, and loves the water. Her least favorite thing about the lake is the life jacket, but what child likes to feel like they are in a straight jacket? (Do you see a pattern emerging here? Kenzee and water? I am not sure where she gets this!!!)

I think this should bring you up to date with our small world! I hope I haven't lost all of our readers. I really will try to update more often!!!