Thursday, May 7, 2009

kenzee dr update

Our visit to the dr office went just fine. Kenzee has a touch of the tummy flu. She should bounce quickly according to the np.

drive by post...

i have a post in the works, but just can't quiet complete it - the feeling just isn't right.

just dropping in to let everyone know we are taking kenzee to the doctor this afternoon. she is throwing up - not spitting up, and just isn't a happy camper. there is so much sickness and i think the dr is just wanting to check her out. i will update everyone this afternoon as soon as we know something.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

april 26 - may 2

What a busy week! Just a quick recap so I can get us caught up.

April 26th - OKC MEMORIAL MARATHON. We were up bright and early - 3:45. Kenzee was a great sport. We were downtown a little before 6 and in position to start the race by 6:20. Dale left us and took his place with the true runners while we hung out in the wings to line up for the 5k.

Kenzee continued to sleep through everything, except the airhorns that started the race.

I love everything the marathon stands for, and it is such a emotional feeling to be able to be there to participate in something that symbolizes something so tragic. Everyone there is a family, and it is awesome to see strangers come together like that for the memory of the BOMBING.

What a difference:


Kenzee Slept:

Kaleb Pushed:

We Finished in about 50 minutes:

We were awarded:

Then we waited and watched... I took a few pics of some random things:

Then it was time to cheer!! Dale looked like he was very comfortable in his run (this is the last 1/10 of a mile of the 13.1 mile run):

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal days. I worked, Kenzee worked. I conversed with legal council, Kenzee squealed and sang to legal council.

Tuesday after work Mom, Kenzee and I went shopping for wedding attire for Krystin's wedding. Kenzee decided that she was hungry when we were trying on dresses so she experienced her first feeding in a dressing room. I am sure it won't be the last. Not long after that she experienced her first diaper changing in her stroller at the mall. While at the mall Kenzee won the hearts of many salespeople. (I am not used to so much attention!)

Wednesday we were off to a different mall but this time for shoes for the above mentioned wedding.

Thursday we worked from home to wrap up a project that required undivided attention.

Friday I had an eye doctor appointment. Kenzee did great - until they wanted me to look in some silly machine and she felt like she didn't have my full attention. At that point in time she decided to scream at the top of her lungs. I was able to teeter on the edge of the stool and hold her while clicking the button for the fuzzy images.

After our eye appointment we had lunch with Grammy where Kenzee decided it was time to squeal at the top of her lungs. I was disappointed because I didn't think ahead of time and capture much of the conversation on video, but I did get a bit of the exchange. (I need to figure out how to rotate video!)

After that we visited a few garden centers to look at the pretty flowers for ideas on what to plan this year, and from there we chilled at home waiting on Daddy, Bev and Brandon to arrive. That evening we had a great dinner, and then us girls chilled at home while the boys enjoyed the Yard Dawgz game.

Saturday was a day of opening presents, and a day of reflection on the day a year ago. Last year Brian took me to the Kenny Chesney concert! We had a great time, but when we got home it took a down hill turn. The next day was one of the many stays in the hospital I had over the course of the year. BUT this May 2nd was completely different. I not only managed to stay away from the hospital, and to venture further than the couch we managed to eat lunch out, take another trip to the mall, a trip to the market (where Kenzee only participated in napping in the car with Grandpa), and a wonderful dinner of Japanese food!

It was a rather memorable day!