Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1 Month

Can you believe Kenzee is one month old today? It is really crazy to me, really crazy. My baby girl is getting big, and amazes me on a daily basis. Brian is definitely Kenzee's hero, and he is doing a wonderful job. He never shes away from a dirty diaper, or a bit of spit up. That makes for a happy mommy!

My biggest goal is to take a shower daily. Even more of a goal is to take a shower BEFORE Brian gets home from work. (That still hasn't happened!)

I am really surprised at how "easy" recovery has been from the c-section. It isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but maybe that is because I am focused on my beautiful baby girl!

Wriglee is an awesome big brother! He understands what comforts Kenzee and tries his best to help us out. I am shocked at how protective he has already become.

I still need to get my birth story written out, but really lunch calls first! I am working on a picture site so I can share a lot of pictures of Kenzee, but not have to try to put them in here since I haven't learned the easy way yet. (If you would like access please email me so I have your email address!)