Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prepare Yourself

to fall in love, and then have your heart just ripped right out of your chest. I'm not sure if this just hits home because of a beautiful little baby girl or if the name has anything to do with it. This is the kind of story that makes you go in and wake up your sleeping baby - just so you can hug her, and hug her again.

Enjoy the little things - even what you think is "bad"...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nostalgic kind of day...

Yesterday was Little Miss' birthday party. Yep, the first birthday party. I think it was highly successful. Our house didn't burst at the seams, but we had more people here than we ever have. It was so nice to have everyone celebrate with us. We had a great turn out, and missed those who couldn't join us.

Brian and I didn't struggle with the day (well a bit, but not too much), but it wasn't her "real" birthday either. Wednesday might be a totally different story.

Here is the rundown of the birthday party -
- Princess dressed in zebra and a wonderfully handmade tutu, complete with a matching hairbow
- Presents, presents and more presents!!! (I might need a bigger house for the new toys!)
- Cake - And yes she actually got a bit messy! However, she didn't exactly enjoy her daddy pushing her hand into the cake.
- Playing with all of those presents and enjoying her friends!
- Little Miss crashing just as people started to leave.

Now some of my tips for those of you planning a 1st Birthday Party -

- Have someone else take pictures for the big day. Then you don't have to worry about trying to capture everything yourself. Hire someone, enlist in a great friend, or family member. You won't regret it. I didn't pick up a camera during the party and it was nice. Plus, there might actually be some pictures of me!

- Whatever you can do ahead DO IT! Mix the punch up and have it ready to go. Someone else can and will pour it for you. If you can't (or don't want to have) have everything out have those items handy for restocking, and someone to help!

- Don't worry about spending big money. Baby won't remember where the cake came from, but she will remember all of those little notes that people left for her!

- If you forget something don't worry no one will know you had it planned anyway. (Unless it is something like the cake!)

- Enjoy!!!

Now that the party is over and the toys have a new home (ok, maybe in the middle of the floor), all of the friends are gone and I had a full night of sleep it is a nostalgic kind of day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How does this happen?!?

I wish time would just stand still for a few more days - let me slow down, and just savor the last few days of my baby girl not being 1, but still talking about her in "month" age. That's ok though, because I can say I have been able to enjoy this year and feel like I have been able to take it all in, rather than looking back saying I wish I had done (insert anything here). I have enjoyed every single bit of being a mommy - even when sleep is lacking.

We are going to seal a time capsule for Kenzee to open when she gets older. If you would like to contribute please let me know! If you have any ideas of something to put in it let me know that as well.

I will update again soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lists, lists, and more lists!

It's been a while again. I can sum up in one word why - lists! Honestly, I've not always been a list maker, but after I got pregnant I swore I lost my mind, and it still hasn't come back. Sooo, I've had to start making lists to know what I need to accomplish, and what I HAVE to accomplish. The nice thing is I like to see things completed on my list!

With that being said here is what is on my list of lists -

  • Birthday Party - This has multiple sub lists: guests who will be joining us, party items to purchase, items to be made, everything that goes into planning a Princess Party. (if you have a little girl who will be planning a Princess Party and would like to see my lists just email me and I will scan a copy in for you - just in case you think you might miss something!)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Wedding stuff I am helping with
  • Christmas - again multiple lists: each of our wish lists, gifts purchased, decorating that will take place after the Princess Party, what needs to be packed for each trip, weekend, overnights, everyone else's list that we will purchase a gift from
  • Stuff to be accomplished at the house

All I can say is thank goodness for lists! I'm sure there is something I am forgetting, but shhh don't tell me!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Who has my baby? Because I would really like her back! She is fussy today. I am going to blame it on those darn teeth trying to come in.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from my Princess Batgirl!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick weekend catch up

We had a great weekend! Friday my mom, Kenzee and I went to An Affair of the Heart. Crazy, crazy - stuff, people, estrogen! I think you could possibly get high off of the amount of estrogen packed into buildings (or maybe it is just a mixture of perfume!). Anyway, it was great this year because I KNEW who I was shopping for. I probably spent a little more money than Brian thinks (oh babe just kidding - but please don't look in my wallet for any receipts!) but definitely well worth it!

Saturday my mom and I went back. We were able to knock out a few Christmas gifts, and even better those gifts are being shipped so we didn't even have to carry them! SCORE!! After AAOTH I came home to snuggle with Baby Girl and watch some football. Pretty low key kind of night really.

Today - we met up with some friends and let the girls play at the park! It was super nice. I wish the weather was a bit nicer, but for what we have been experiencing I will take it. No wind, and not incredibly cold. The girls had their jackets on, but not to bad! We will be doing more stuff like that so Kenzee has some exposure to other little people.

Now back to laundry and getting ready for the week.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

9 Month Check up

Yes, you read that correctly. At 10 months 1 week and 5 days Kenzee had her 9 month check up. She is doing great, and perfect. Of course that is what we expect!! Her weight is below the 50th percentile, and her height is right at the 75th percentile. Funny - she is tall and skinny! I am thinking she gets that from me!

Not only am I here you update you on Kenzee's stats, but I am also here to tell you about our horrible pediatrician appointment yesterday. I probably should have left before we even walked in the door! (Not to mention I already knew there was something very pressing for me waiting at work.) Anyway, as we were running into Kenzee's 8:30 appointment (yes, in the parking lot right on time!) a lady who was walking much slower than we were got in our way. We walked into the office, and the waiting room was busy, not full but busy. There was a mom and what I assumed were her two children sitting across from us. Upon further observation I figured out the little girl was not hers but she belonged to another family! The little girl was interacting with the baby as if he were her brother. Strange!! Even stranger that the girl's mom came over and picked up the baby after he fell down, including reaching around the mom!! I was totally shocked. Brian was daring the little girl to come over to "help" with Kenzee. I can't imagine what he might have said to her!

So moving along! A lady walks in with what I assume are her grandchildren. I question that though because this lady is successfully wearing the youngest baby in a wrap. (Something I wish I could master with Kenzee, but I just know somehow I would end up with the fabric wrapped around my neck!) I am telling Brian that I think that is so cool that she could do that, and at the same time she completely pulls up her shirt to nurse the baby... I figured out very quickly this is not grandma, but mom. Brian was taken back with her age, or what we would have figured her age to be, but I was appalled with her lack of consideration for others while nursing. **please note - I am one of the biggest breastfeeding advocates there is. I don't have any issues with breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public or anything!! but the manner in which she proceeded was HORRIBLE!** When I say she raised up her shirt, her COMPLETE midsection was exposed. Collarbone to the top of her pants. This baby she was nursing didn't appear to be hungry, she wasn't crying, and she wasn't a young baby either. I would say she was probably 8 months old. I just feel there is a way to nurse in public, and it shouldn't be bothersome to other people.

With all of that, and the children that have no idea how to behave I was ready to be DONE... Oh and we didn't leave the office until 11. Yep, that is 2.5 hours after our appointment was scheduled! And most of that was waiting in the waiting room

Monday, October 19, 2009

Keep saying it...

I have a dozen different thoughts for blogs in my head - I just have to find the time and energy to get them written down!

A little background before I give you something for a peace offering. Kenzee has been having "issues" with sleep the last few days. She wants to get up early, not sleep at night, and then not nap. I hear this could be a sign that she is on the verge of a breakthrough. I'm not sure what she is breakingthrough, but I give! I like to sleep - really like to sleep. Today at work after I had picked paci up off the ground for probably the 1,912,416,942th time (and it was only 8:42 a.m.) I threw paci on the desk and this is what I got in return! (I didn't have my camera with me at work, but Kenzee did a wonderful job of re-enacting the scene for me.) These make the sleepless nights and days so worth it...

Enjoy -

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick catch up...

I am going to do a quick catch up, and then promise to get back into blogging. It seems I let the blog go down before I let anything else fall, so I apologize.

So the quick run down on the D-household...

- Kenzee is 10 months old *ack*. Momma is really in denial that it is time to plan a 1st birthday party.

- Brian had to have surgery a few weeks ago, after an overnight stay in the ER. I am requesting a better "resort" to stay in next time. Luckily we were close to home, so I could go home in the middle of the night to feed Kenzee. Thanks Grammy for staying the night with Kenzee!

- Brian's dad has had two mini strokes over the past few weeks. Things are going well, and hopefully the new meds they have him on will take care of things. Lifestyle changes are hard to make, but as we all know - essential at times.

- Most of you know I forced myself a few years back to love to run. It was/is a love hate relationship, but it is time to do something again, so back to the LOVE relationship. Even better I was given a treadmill so that makes me LOVE it even more! Debating on the 1/2 in April! Remind me this is a LOVE relationship if I should complain.

- Our household has a new family member - Saltee. I do have pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. Saltee (named after Saltalamacchia) is a male Beta, and his coloring is identical to a Rangers jersey.

- Kenzee also has a new cousin as of last Thursday! The family is doing well!!

That should catch everyone up to speed!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Isn't it great. I mean because of technology I can sit here at my bar eating dinner (yes, it is 10:30) on my laptop and blog, or even blog via my PHONE. Thank goodness right - because I know you all want to keep up with us!! tee hee hee. Now we all know that when things go bad with technology we all tend to get upset, so then it isn't so great.

We love our house - we really do, even if it is a work in progress (just because I can't be decisive). We even like our neighborhood, and the neighbors. (This reminds me we need to get out and meet others soon!) I like our neighborhood because there is one way in and one way out. 2 streets, and most of the families are about our age and live here for the same reasons we do. It is great that there are so many kids, and even better that there are probably 10 babies - ranging from a year to newborns.

Now that I have you, my avid readers, shaking your head thinking I really should go to bed you want to know what I am talking about... Well because of all of the babies that live so close to us, and technology together we are a pretty close neighborhood. HOWEVER, I don't want to know everything about you, your job, etc... Yep, you got it - that baby monitor is the culprit! I know we can cross with 2 different families.

So, if your neighbors seem to know EVERYTHING about you. They probably haven't hacked into your computer, or broken into your house - they've probably just been listening to your conversations through the baby monitor!

I think it's time for an upgrade!

(If you live close to me you might want to change channels!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's become a necessity that we childproof IMMEDIATELY! I was thinking we would be able to phase things out slowly. For instance - take the low breakables away, then take things off of the coffee table. But that isn't the case. Everything has to change, and now. Take a look at why:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's all about me...

haha... not really! kenzee and i are both sick. well not so much her, but me. yep, i have the horrible sinus infection that everyone else seems to have. prior to pregnancy i was used to instant gratification with sinus issues. high powered steroid shots, high doses of antibiotics, and then all chased with a great antihistamine. those aren't options now - i was only rewarded with a z-pack, a b-12 shot, and saline nose spray... while i miss being pregnant for a few reasons and don't miss it for a few others, i do miss being pregnant because my allergies and sinuses never bothered me. *ugh* couple that with teething, kenzee's allergies, and brian being out of town tonight, and you don't get a happy momma. it really isn't that bad. kenzee is out, wriglee is out, and i am sitting here checking out a blog of an old friend...

i need to do this more often... really... i know i say that a lot, but i will do better!

my brags for the day -

- kenzee is a crawling machine now. she looks like the baby doll that crawls. she crawls with intent

- kenzee's signs have come a long way. you can ask her what she wants and she can *kinda* tell you. so far we have the following mastered: milk, dog/puppy, bite, hi/bye, and she has her own signs that we are really working on picking up. it's time to break out the dvds again

so with that being said, i am headed to bed now. i hope kenzee sleeps well, because her mommy needs it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow... Take a look at a year ago!

and see how far we have come!

My little bug is doing so much lately! It is amazing to watch her learn something new every day. I can't remember the last time I posted, and what I posted, so here are some of the big highlights:

- Two bottom teeth (when this happened someone stole my laid back baby girl, and replaced her with a look alike screamer!)

- Sitting up from a tummy position (this is her preferred way to get around the house. roll, sit up and scoot, repeat!)

- Crawling - she has no desire (See above!)

- Pulling up - Kenzee is really working on this! I am sure she is going to be cruising soon enough! (Time to childproof)

- Eating - Kenzee wants to eat anything we are eating. Baby food is just secondary at this point in time. The only two things we have found she won't eat are peas (surprised?!?), and meatloaf.

- Big girl "stuff" -
- we have Kenzee from sleeping in the pack and play in our room to her bed in her own room!
- High chair - the bumbo at home is no more
- Car seat - Kenzee still (technically) fits in her infant carrier/seat, but it is just such a pain for me to get in and out of the car, and keeping her confined in it in any store is like Chinese water torture

- Wriglee - he is doing an amazing job with her! The other day I put her in her bouncy seat so I could do something very quickly, and by the time I looked at Kenzee (seriously 30 seconds later) she had managed to flip over and was attempting to Houdini her way out. Wriglee was standing there with his nose on her so she couldn't wiggle out.

- Play Toy - Kenzee's day is complete when her daddy comes home. She hears him lock his doors and the garage door close, and just sits very still and quiet waiting on him to open the garage door and then it is squeal/laugh fest!

Other than that, we are just keeping up with life! Ranger baseball season has kept us busy as we have been to Dallas to watch some games, and now college football season is upon us as well!

So, I guess I will close with two final thoughts...
Come on Rangers - let's see some postseason this year, and BOOMER -

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I was gonna..

Blog today, but apparently the storms had other things in mind when it fried our modem. AT&T is going to come visit tomorrow and fix our issues. I will be back the because I haven't mastered blogging via phone!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who am I?

Have you ever google-ed yourself? I have and I do on normal occasions. There are times when I'm not clear on who I am, or if something has happened to me...

So here are my options -

  • Stacia Doughty - This doesn't pull any true information up about me.
  • Stacia Marie Doughty - Yep, there is something there about me, and it's true!
  • Stacia Marie Ford - Again, there I am, two times, and I have no idea what one of them is!
  • Stacy Doughty - The first entry - yep, that is me. The second (main entry), again, that's me. And the third, that is definitely me!

Brian's options -

  • Brian Doughty (lucky for him he has never changed his name!) - I went through 5 pages, and NOTHING that is him as far as I know...

Kenzee's options -

  • Kenzington Doughty - Nothing
  • Kenzee Doughty - WELL LOOKY THERE!!! Not only is it her, but even her beautiful pictures in the first entry. And in the 6th entry again!

So there you have it. If you ever want or need to know about yourself, just google yourself in case you have forgotten! I will bing us later!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On my soapbox...

It isn't often that I get on a soapbox, but when I do it is only because I care very passionately about something... Right now obviously I care a lot about infants, and their health.

This isn't a place where I feel like I need to push my beliefs on someone else, but in all honesty this is my piece of cyberspace, and mine only. If you don't like breastfeeding that is your prerogative, and if you don't want to hear about it, well then don't read... BUT if you continue on, I don't want to hear about the benefits of formula feeding, or for someone to think I am complaining. I am merely stating the facts based on my current situation.

I just don't understand how people don't understand how much breastfeeding takes out of a mother - emotionally and physically.

Emotionally - if things don't work out and you have set your mind to it, it can be a tremendous let down. As a woman you have things in mind that WILL work out, and that is how things are supposed to happen! If they don't then it becomes a let down. I am glad this isn't something I have had to deal with. But I am emotionally involved with breastfeeding Kenzee. There is no one else who can do that for me. Yes, I can pump and Kenzee could receive a bottle, but then what are the benefits (other than nutrition) for me to continue breastfeeding. I don't want to be attached to our pump. It is an awesome invention when necessary, but for our situation this isn't necessary.

Physically - Let's not even get into the nitty gritty of breastfeeding, but the nutrients have to come from somewhere, and all to often leaves my body feeling depleted... WAY depleted... And we must remember this is all on demand...

Let's only look at the average facts here:

  • Kenzee eats an average of 6 times a day
  • Each of those feedings takes an average of 15 minutes
  • Kenzee has been nursing for over 6 months now, but for a round number let's look at 6 months of breastfeeding, or 182.5 days

Time Totals:

  • That equals 1095 feedings at a minimum since she has been born
  • Totaling 16,425 minutes of her nursing
  • That makes 273.75 hours of nursing
  • Totaling 11.41 DAYS in 6 months nursing
  • Totaling a bit over 6 working days...

So as you can see at 6 months I have spent almost 2 weeks feeding Kenzee. What other one activity have you spent almost 2 weeks doing in the last 6 months? And to look at 2 weeks - that is the average time most people get for VACATION (actually 10 days) at work...

Now tell me how come people don't understand why it can be stressful, draining, and so rewarding all in one?

Friday, June 26, 2009

6 Month Update

I have really been lax in updating everything - pics included. Here is a quick rundown of things going on in our lives, and I will have to come back with pictures to make the story more real!

I think the last time I updated Kenzee had been to the doctor for tummy issues. Her tummy cleared up pretty quickly, but we also found out she had an ear infection. The first, and hopefully the last! She was a trooper, and wasn't fussy. Kenzee didn't act like she was in pain so I didn't feel *to* bad about not knowing she was sick. (I keep trying to tell myself that, but it doesn't always work!)

We had Little Miss' 6 month appointment a *wee* bit early. She stands at 26" tall, and weighs in at 15#s. Not bad in my opinion. Her weight was in the 50% and her height was in the 90%. (I think she gets both from me!) At that point in time my body had been giving her 99.9% of the nourishment she had been receiving.

We started her on "solids" a week before her 6 month appointment. Kenzee LOVES food! She has even licked out her cereal bowl! We have mastered all of the veggies in what they consider stage 1 (well except peas, and she isn't going to master those with us being her parents!). She loves sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, and she likes fruit, but would prefer veggies over fruit.

I'm sure she is going to love me for posting this for the entire world to see as she gets older! Early this week I had to quit giving her solids because she was constipated. I fed her prunes for 3 meals, and that seemed to do the trick. I will start adding things back into her diet now.

So some new things in Kenzee ever growing world:

  • Sitting up is her new favorite thing! In fact if Kenzee has been sitting up and she has to lay down you should expect her to wail.
  • Swimming - Kenzee loves to swim! In fact, she is starting to associate Grammy's house with swimming. Even if we aren't actually in the pool she expects to have her feet in the water! Going under isn't her favorite thing to do, but she is getting used to it.
  • Crawling - While Kenzee is attempting her own version of army crawling, I don't think she is very interested. I think she is going to go straight to walking.
  • Wriglee is Kenzee's very best friend. She just loves him and squeals when he comes into the room. Wriglee is adapting to her quiet well, and is becoming more and more intersted in her. Playing outside is their favorite thing to do together.

In the rest of our world -

  • Kenzee still comes to work with me, and is a huge hit with the guys here. She has a boyfriend, but shh don't tell her daddy! Wyatt, one of Kaleb's friends is working at the shop this summer and she just adores him!
  • Brian and I bit the bullet and bought a boat a few weeks ago. We love it, even if it is a learning experience. Brian's boating endeavors are pretty limited, but he is learning quickly. I love everything about it - as I always have. I hope some of Kenzee's best memories are lake memories too! She loves being in the boat, and loves the water. Her least favorite thing about the lake is the life jacket, but what child likes to feel like they are in a straight jacket? (Do you see a pattern emerging here? Kenzee and water? I am not sure where she gets this!!!)

I think this should bring you up to date with our small world! I hope I haven't lost all of our readers. I really will try to update more often!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

kenzee dr update

Our visit to the dr office went just fine. Kenzee has a touch of the tummy flu. She should bounce quickly according to the np.

drive by post...

i have a post in the works, but just can't quiet complete it - the feeling just isn't right.

just dropping in to let everyone know we are taking kenzee to the doctor this afternoon. she is throwing up - not spitting up, and just isn't a happy camper. there is so much sickness and i think the dr is just wanting to check her out. i will update everyone this afternoon as soon as we know something.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

april 26 - may 2

What a busy week! Just a quick recap so I can get us caught up.

April 26th - OKC MEMORIAL MARATHON. We were up bright and early - 3:45. Kenzee was a great sport. We were downtown a little before 6 and in position to start the race by 6:20. Dale left us and took his place with the true runners while we hung out in the wings to line up for the 5k.

Kenzee continued to sleep through everything, except the airhorns that started the race.

I love everything the marathon stands for, and it is such a emotional feeling to be able to be there to participate in something that symbolizes something so tragic. Everyone there is a family, and it is awesome to see strangers come together like that for the memory of the BOMBING.

What a difference:


Kenzee Slept:

Kaleb Pushed:

We Finished in about 50 minutes:

We were awarded:

Then we waited and watched... I took a few pics of some random things:

Then it was time to cheer!! Dale looked like he was very comfortable in his run (this is the last 1/10 of a mile of the 13.1 mile run):

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal days. I worked, Kenzee worked. I conversed with legal council, Kenzee squealed and sang to legal council.

Tuesday after work Mom, Kenzee and I went shopping for wedding attire for Krystin's wedding. Kenzee decided that she was hungry when we were trying on dresses so she experienced her first feeding in a dressing room. I am sure it won't be the last. Not long after that she experienced her first diaper changing in her stroller at the mall. While at the mall Kenzee won the hearts of many salespeople. (I am not used to so much attention!)

Wednesday we were off to a different mall but this time for shoes for the above mentioned wedding.

Thursday we worked from home to wrap up a project that required undivided attention.

Friday I had an eye doctor appointment. Kenzee did great - until they wanted me to look in some silly machine and she felt like she didn't have my full attention. At that point in time she decided to scream at the top of her lungs. I was able to teeter on the edge of the stool and hold her while clicking the button for the fuzzy images.

After our eye appointment we had lunch with Grammy where Kenzee decided it was time to squeal at the top of her lungs. I was disappointed because I didn't think ahead of time and capture much of the conversation on video, but I did get a bit of the exchange. (I need to figure out how to rotate video!)

After that we visited a few garden centers to look at the pretty flowers for ideas on what to plan this year, and from there we chilled at home waiting on Daddy, Bev and Brandon to arrive. That evening we had a great dinner, and then us girls chilled at home while the boys enjoyed the Yard Dawgz game.

Saturday was a day of opening presents, and a day of reflection on the day a year ago. Last year Brian took me to the Kenny Chesney concert! We had a great time, but when we got home it took a down hill turn. The next day was one of the many stays in the hospital I had over the course of the year. BUT this May 2nd was completely different. I not only managed to stay away from the hospital, and to venture further than the couch we managed to eat lunch out, take another trip to the mall, a trip to the market (where Kenzee only participated in napping in the car with Grandpa), and a wonderful dinner of Japanese food!

It was a rather memorable day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a trooper...

Today has been super busy! I didn't get started as early as I thought we should, but it all worked on in the end. Kenzee was snuggly this morning and I go to enjoy her loveyness.

The party was a hit, the video was great! Granny was suprised, so that was great.

Tomorrow starts early so I am trying to wrap up the day.

No fun pics uploaded yet but I will ge to them!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a few minutes left...

Nope I haven't forgotten, but it has been a super busy day! Quick recap so I can get to bed before tomorrow.

2nd to last day to pick kaleb up from school
Meeting - secret project
Festival of the Arts
Complete prep work to make tomorrow run smoothly

So that is the quick version of my day.

Kenzee is so very close to rolling over now. Bathtime has become very tricky!

I just found AMY SEELEY. I really like her music. I can't wait to find some more. If you have any good bands or artists I need to check out leave me some names - I am always looking for something new to listen to!

So I'm not getting in bed before tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring in Oklahoma...

I took some pictures of the sky tonight. This was after Brian groaned at me for climbing on the arms of our outside chairs. I need to upload them and then I will get them posted. It was very pretty! I can't wait to get some more vegetation planted in our yard, hopefully some fun stuff in the backyard this summer.

Yesterday I told Kaleb that if we had the boat, and it was lake prepped we would have been at the lake. Today was another one of those days. Until tonight - the wind is blowing so hard the flag pole across the street is bending. So welcome to OK - WHERE THE WIND COMES SWEEPING DOWN THE PLAIN. Not my pictures, but WOW!

Nothing out of the ordinary today.

I love my baby!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Administrative Professional Day!

Just a quick recap of our day...

Work, out to lunch (a first for us!), took Kaleb to the doctor (a first - the nurses who have treated me for ages were so happy!), and then Kenzee and Brian hung out for 3 hours while I ran out to do some errands (another first!). As you can see today we ventured out of our "norm" and it was fun!

The rest of the week is going to be busy! The FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS is going on and I would love to take Kenzee, well and to go sample the food. Saturday is going to be a day hanging out with extended family (more to come on that later), and Sunday is the OKC MARATHON.

I hope to get to work with my camera a bit this weekend and hopefully learn some new (learn how to shoot in manual) settings. I also need to work on my photo editing skills!

So I will leave just a cute random Kenzee pic:


I have been adding some links to my post, however, they don't show up... So, you might have to hover over some words if you think there might be a link!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of my favorite days - April 21st

April 21st is not one of my favorite days, but when flower start blooming in my very own yard - that is one of my favorite days!

I neglected to blog yesterday, and even had some words in mind. I don't know what happened...

So along with the blooming flowers, Kenzee growing like an overtaking weed,

today also makes me feel close to my age - almost 31. I'm going to blame it on Kaleb. I have been able to put my head in the sand and ignore the fact that he has turned 16. How have I been able to do that? Since the laws have changed over the past 15 years he wasn't able to just run out and get his license the day he turned 16. Instead he has had to follow the new rules, so that has allowed me to be oblivious to the time passing over the past few weeks. So you probably think he has gotten his driver's license today - nope... We drove his car to Best Buy to have the system installed. He really is a 16 year old male. He isn't a baby anymore, instead I have my baby

right here with me laying on the couch covered up by her very favorite blanket.

Yep, my birthday is approaching quickly - it is inevitable.

Don't forget to check out many more pictures.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Attempt to Revive...

So as the title suggests this is my attempt to revive our blog. I'm not sure how many followers we have since I have been so lax in updating, but I think it is kind of like the saying, "Build it and they will come". So here it is...

If you ask what has me so motivated to liven up our blog check
this out... Wow! What an awesome writer, photographer, and just all around creative person. I wish creativity came to me so easily. I have to make myself think and be creative.

It really is ironic that I came across matt liz and madeline's blog when I did. Brian and I were talking just the other day about "what if". (Yeah, I know not something you want to talk about on a daily basis.) I think the conversation was brought on by the death of a wonderful friend Mindy and her relationship with her hubby, Rocky. They were true solemates - you know the kind of relationship every young couple wants to have. They were the very best of friends, they knew each other, but still seemed to always want to know more about the other. They were the couple who could sit up all night long and just talk to each other, and the even cooler thing is that is what they did. Mindy was such an inspiration to so many people. She was a definite God fearing woman, and so many of us can learn so much.

So with all of that being said I am going to try to do a few things:
- more photos of our daily "stuff"
- more written encounters just so Kenzee can look back and she will know her hisotry

...and we do have life insurance now...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Update... Far overdue!

Yep, it's Friday night and I have finally decided to take the time to blog. I really do mean well, and need to post more updates for those of you who track my/our life online.

So some updates from the Doughty Household:

Kenzee is knocking on the door of 4 months old! That is so hard for me to grasp because it seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. And just a year ago I didn't even know I was pregnant. Wow how time has changed! Kenzee is growing like a weed! She weighs in right at 13lbs, and is getting so long. She is such a happy baby, and loves to talk. She will give you a piece of her mind if you will let her.

Wriglee is adjusting well with his new sister. He is such a trooper when she cries. He has 2 favorite times of the day. One is when we give Kenzee a bath - he hasn't missed one yet! And the other is when Kenzee and I leave for work. I think he spends most of his day rotating from the couch to the bed. Wherever he can follow the sun!

I am back at work, mostly full time. Kenzee does very well at work, and has a good time charming everyone who will check in on her.

Kenzee is a wonderful traveler! She has been to 3 states, and stayed many nights away from home. (Not away from us.) Luckily we got the travel pack and play because it has logged many miles. We have traveled to Arkansas, Texas and Missouri (x's 2). In one week Kenzee and I logged 24 traveling hours in the car! She was ready to be home and out of the car - not to mention how ready I was to stay home!!!

One of our trips was to Odessa to introduce the little Princess to some family who hadn't met her in person, and to friends who prayed for her safe arrival. It was a lot of fun even if it was a short trip! It was nice to be able to share her with those friends who live many miles away, but continue to pray for us and her!

We have taken 2 trips to Missouri just to get away for a bit and we have had a lot of fun...

We are super ready for summer time! When we were in Odessa my daddy surprised us by saying he would love to give us their boat. I am stoked about that as Brian and I have thrown around the idea of some sort of recreational play toys. He and I didn't see eye to eye on what to buy (boat vs. jetski) so we didn't discuss it in depth. When daddy made the offer to give us the boat we jumped all over the idea! I can tell you a lot of my childhood memories are at the lake, so I hope to share those memories with Kenzee. I am looking forward to her learning to swim, ski, kneeboard, etc!!! I have a feeling I will be paying for all of the times I just HAD to jump in the water!

Really that is about it here in the Doughty Household. We are just watching our little Princess grow up right in front of our very eyes!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I really need to update here - I promise our blog is not a thing of the past! That will be my goal this week - to come back to update on our growing baby girl!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1 Month

Can you believe Kenzee is one month old today? It is really crazy to me, really crazy. My baby girl is getting big, and amazes me on a daily basis. Brian is definitely Kenzee's hero, and he is doing a wonderful job. He never shes away from a dirty diaper, or a bit of spit up. That makes for a happy mommy!

My biggest goal is to take a shower daily. Even more of a goal is to take a shower BEFORE Brian gets home from work. (That still hasn't happened!)

I am really surprised at how "easy" recovery has been from the c-section. It isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but maybe that is because I am focused on my beautiful baby girl!

Wriglee is an awesome big brother! He understands what comforts Kenzee and tries his best to help us out. I am shocked at how protective he has already become.

I still need to get my birth story written out, but really lunch calls first! I am working on a picture site so I can share a lot of pictures of Kenzee, but not have to try to put them in here since I haven't learned the easy way yet. (If you would like access please email me so I have your email address!)