Sunday, December 14, 2008


I need to get my birth story typed up and then will post it. Hopefully some time this week.

So without further ado -

Introducing our Baby Girl aka TweedleBug -

Kenzington "Kenzee" Rian
Birth date - December 9
Born @ 9:53 p.m. via C-Section
7 lbs 1 oz
20.5 inches long

She is beautiful (of course), with blue eyes, and long dark hair. Kenzee is amazed by her daddy and has been since she was seconds old.

I am really recovering pretty nicely after both labor and the C-Section, and am completely in love with Kenzee. She is a really good baby, and tolerates just about anything.

Here are a few pictures - (they seem to be out of proportion, so I will fix that later)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Eviction Date!!!

I am taking the easy way out and copying an email that I just sent out...


I just wanted to let you know TweedleBug will be evicted on (well hopefully) Tuesday, December 9th. I go in to be induced that morning and if everything goes according to plan we should have our baby girl by that evening!

We are very excited, but nervous at the same time. Even though we have prepared ourselves for this for what seems like an eternity now, it is still crazy to believe we are this close to having a baby in our household.

We will keep you posted as we can either through email or if you prefer text please email me your cell number as things progress and Baby Girl makes her appearance!
Thank you all for following us in the wonderful journey to becoming parents!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Maternity Pictures

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Tara?!? If not, well I LOVE Tara. She is an awesome photographer and had the uncanny ability to capture the essence of me and Brian. Her pictures ooze "Stacy and Brian" even down to the goofy sides we both have. While we try to remain serious, she always seems to capture at least a few of the "funny face" moments.

If you haven't checked out Tara's site you should - and her blog -

Here are a few pictures she took here at our house for us to treasure this special time...




Funny Faces...

Our expanding family...
Expanding Family
Anxiously Awaiting
Anxiously Awaiting


I think it's to big for her
If the crown fits


Oh so Close!!!

TweedleBug is so very close to her arrival! I know everyone is very excited to meet her, but no one can truly understand how excited Brian and I are. There are some things I already know about her and can share with other people, but I can't always get the point across. For instance, TB does NOT like to have the hiccups for very long. She throws a fit, and lashes around. TB loves music - any type of music. I think she is going to be a dancer! I honestly believe she is getting uncomfortable in her cramped quarters, and is attempting to escape out my right side.

Not only are we ready to get to know our Baby Girl's personality, we are ready to get to know her sweet spirit. We are ready to be parents. Our house is ready, her room is ready, and our hearts are ready.

Not only are we ready, my body is done. I am having regular, irregular contractions and hope they are doing their job. I am sure I have the same complaints that all pregnant ladies have, but I really hate to complain. Walking is one of the most painful things I have to do on a daily basis, getting in bed is the worst part of my day, and I think I need some new shoes... But even with all the complaints and aches and pains I wouldn't trade them for anything but a healthy baby!

If everyone will just follow along I think she might listen... I am ready!!!