Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation Update!

I thought I would give a quick vacation update since we have been back a few days.

- Rays game was great - I could do baseball like that every day - nice and cool, raining outside, but we stayed nice and dry, and for once there were more t-shirts for girls than the guys

- Beach - we dipped our toes in the water, and played in the sand a bit, but I didn't even put my bathing suit on. Yes, I know very hard to believe if you know me at.all.

- Shells - Brian and I found what I would consider tons of sand dollars, and even managed to sneak a few home

- Throwing up - not any more fun on vacation than at home. Florida bathrooms are kept cleaner than Oklahoma bathrooms. Well those that I have visited in 7-11s.

- Garmin (navigation systems) - those are a life saver if you have no idea where the closest Walgreens is if your doctor has to call an Rx in for you.

- Airports - the Tampa airport has a wonderful TGI Friday's, after eating there really isn't much to do other than sit, and sit and sit. Houston - this trip really reminded me why I hate to fly through Houston. Dallas - wait, we weren't even supposed to end up in Dallas, and neither were the 15 other people who did Thursday night.

- Day after returning home - never schedule a doctor's appointment for 8:45 the day after returning home from vacation. First you might not make it home, second it is difficult to be up and around that early.

So long story short - vacation was good, the sickies didn't leave me alone, and we got to spend one whole day in our room. We only left once to go to Walgreens because I had been on the phone on and off all day long with my doctor. It was nice to get away and reflect, hard to reflect on the what should have been's. I guess I should be grateful for throwing up...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today we leave for vacation! Both Brian and I are very stoked about leaving town for a few days to just relax. While we are super excited this vacation brings on a whole new set of emotions. We aren't supposed to be traveling right now - we are supposed to be having a baby, like this week. But because that wasn't in God's plan for us, both of us are elated with where we are in our lives right now. So long story short - we are going to make the very most of our vacation.

With these new emotions come some worry that the trip is going to be very hard on me physically. Luckily we don't have anything planned other than a baseball game tomorrow afternoon (don't worry it is climate controlled), and from there we will decide what we want to do when we want to do it.

So I guess the question most of you are asking - am I feeling any better being in the second trimester... The true answer is Yes, and No. I am not throwing up all day and fear that I am going to end up in the ER again, but I do throw up almost I think I have gone 7 days and not thrown up 2 of those days. I don't feel like I have the pregnancy "glow" you are supposed to get, but maybe that is in part because I haven't even bothered with makeup since well really my birthday, and my hair is in a ponytail 99% of the time. If you don't know me well, you really can't tell that I am pregnant and at the rate I am going I will be able to wear my Lucky's until I am about 32 weeks along. (Which I wouldn't complain about!!)

Speaking of clothes - I hit up Old Navy yesterday afternoon, and got a few things. Super exciting!!! Did you know they make maternity jeans/capris in EXTRA SMALL? Very cool in my opinion...

So, with that I must sign off, and go shower, and finish packing... I hope you all have a wonderful week. If we have a chance I might just talk Brian into blogging again while on vacation. Please pray that I don't have to throw up on the plane, and work leaves Brian alone...

Friday, June 20, 2008

14 Week Development

You are now in your second trimester! Your baby's crown to rump length is 3.2 to 4.5 inches long and he weighs approximately 1 ounce now. Your baby is about the size of the average fist.

Now that you are into your second trimester, you may be starting the best part of your pregnancy. You will probably start to feel more energetic and you may get the `pregnancy glow`. Your uterus is beginning to swell week by week and you can follow its progress by locating the top of the uterus. The position of the top of the uterus will continue to gradually move up your abdomen, from beneath the pubic line to above your navel. Maternity clothes are probably necessary now. You might also experience hemorrhoids.

At this time, your baby's face is becoming more developed. The cheeks and bridge of his nose appear and the ears move from the sides of his neck to much higher on his head. The eyes continue to come closer together. A big development from this week onward is the development of lanugo. Lanugo is the fine hair that grows over almost your entire baby. The hairs grow in whirled patterns that follow the grain of his skin. These patterns later give way to your baby's fingerprints. The lanugo will be shed before birth and replaced by thicker, coarser hairs. Your baby's thyroid gland has matured and starts to produce hormones. If your baby is a boy, the prostate will appear and the ovaries descend from the abdomen into the pelvis in baby girls.

If you are having the Chorionic Villus sampling test (to check for Down's syndrome) it's done round about now.

The embryo`s soft cartilage is now being replaced with ` real` chalk bones.

Your baby has eyebrows, but no eyelashes. Fine, light hair also begins to grow.

From a Dad's Point of View...

I know for the most part I post my thoughts and feelings on here, but I thought since Brian has written a bit of a recap of the last 6 months I would also include that here. He wrote it in two installments... I apologize if you have read this previously.

Part 1
Half Year in Review Current mood: anxious

Well, if you've read any of my past blogs you are probably a bit surprised to be reading this one. You see, I blog about "Year in Review" and really nothing more. As you all know, I tend to be on the private side with my life and if you know this, then you know or should know that if I have shared anything with any of you well, then you are without a doubt someone that I consider to be a friend....and those come few and far between alot of times. So with that being said, let's get on with it.

The 2008 "season" (follow my baseball terms as that is sometimes the only way I know how to explain things!) started off kinda bleak. My wife and I were coming off an event in life that broke our hearts and were trying to find ways to make it through everyday with a smile. Not going to go into details on this...again...if you know me then you already know the situation. But, as you've all heard in the past, "The sun will come up tomorrow." And sure enough with time and support, it did.

January did bring some good things into my life. My wife and I (maybe more me than her) got to experience something that I considered to be on my list of things to do before I die. Mine a short list as I have no desire to sky dive or see Paris or anything like that. Keep it simple is more my style. So the earth shattering experience that helped change my life at the time....George Strait! I's kinda on the gay side, but hey I get to cross it off the list!

Fast forward through the rest of January because it was really just cold and not much happened. On to February! Two words....NEW TRUCK! Never had purchased a brand new vechile before and after some coaxing from the wife, purchased a new Ford FX4. Handled it like a pro too! The salesman was no match for DougD and I worked my magic and talked him into a great deal....okay no I didn't, but I did get the truck! So far we've been through two months and two...count em' TWO things crossed off my "list". Yes, I'm counting that as something to do before I die as well. Hold tight from here on changes and the ride begins! (See current music selection below)

Currently listening : For the Record: The First 10 YearsRelease date: By 1990-10-25

Part 2
Half Year in Review cont.

You guys didn't think I was going to leave you hanging until the end of the year did you?
Pick it up in March....

March kicked off what will be looked back upon as the ride of a lifetime! My wife spent alot of time away from home for work in the month of March. I'm telling you this to prove a point which you'll see in a bit....hopefully. My wife and I want nothing more in life than to raise a family. We tried and tried to get pregnant and just couldn't seem to get there. So I took a little trip out to the BALCO facility in California and expermented with some various "creams" to help improve my game. Okay...I didn't do that either. And hopefully you all know that BALCO is the center of the whole steriods issue with baseball....remember, baseball terms! Anyway, back to the truth. After trying and trying, we were to the point where we were ready to throw our hands up and give up. God had another plan that he decided to share with us at the beginning of March. So here we are. Three and a half months later expecting the joy and miracle that is a baby! (Golf claps please...I'm trying not to loose my focus)

We can pretty much fastforward to the here and now, because really now that the cat's out of the bag, does anything else that happened between March and June really matter? Answer: Yes and no. Again, I'm private so maybe events that happened in April and May will be discussed during the annual "Year in Review" blog. But, life is just to exciting right now to reflect on those months.

Anyway, to say the least, Stacy and I are very excited and look forward to sharing all of this with each of you. You can share it with us by visiting our blog that Stacy has created at Set that one up nicely...didn't I?!

Well, there it is people...a half year in review for you to glance at while you're trying to come up with a way to make 8 hours go by as quickly as possible. I look forward to hearing from you guys in the future and hope this blog finds everyone doing well!

Currently listening : For the Record: The First 10 YearsRelease date: By 1990-10-25

So there you have it - Brian's point of view!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Week 13 Update

I have to think that whoever named morning sickness has probably never had "morning sickness". I really don' t know where that term came from, as "morning" sickness seems to last morning, noon, and evening for me. Nights seem to be better, but that is either because I have finally given up on throwing up and Brian has talked me into going to the hospital (an update soon), or I have finally fallen asleep.

This week started out about like week 12 did. Sunday was another horrible day. I woke up throwing up VERY early, like 6 a.m. and we all know I don't wake up that early during the week much less on the weekend. I guess I can say from there things went downhill quickly. I tried to eat anything that I could manage, and tried every sort of fluid known to man. I have learned that water (my very favorite drink) is not my friend during these episodes. Taking a nausea pill is not even an option because they just don't stay down. I gave in to Brian taking me to the hospital yet again Sunday evening about 8. Sure enough - I was severely dehydrated, again. Even forcing the liquids didn't help because nothing was staying down.

I don't remember if I explained ketones the last time I went in to the hospital, but if there are ketones present in your urine that basically means your body thinks it is starving, and it is burning fat rather than glucose. Long story short you really shouldn't have ketones present in your urine, or even a possible negative number. Last time I went in my ketones were in the 80's, this time when we go to the hospital they were in the 180's.

So, 5 bags of fluid, multiple sticks, shots, and 6 hours later I got to go home. Oh and the nurse did say Tweedlebug was hyperactive while she was listening around on my tummy...

My doctor was out of the office at the beginning of the week so after talking to my nurse they ended up calling in a new medicine. Well kind of new - Zofran in a fast melt pill. Finally something I don't have to swallow and hope that it stays in my stomach for a bit. I almost died when I saw how expensive they are - $800.00 for 18 pills. I am so thankful for insurance... I paid my nice $25.00 and went home. Those "pills" are seriously the worst thing I have ever had to put in my mouth. I won't even try to describe the taste, but NOTHING takes that nasty taste out of your mouth once you let it start to dissolve. Oh well - if this is the miracle that I have been looking for I will take it to keep me and TB healthy.

So the bright side of this week - I have had two "good" days where I can eat and not worry about what I am eating, and I finally got my hair cut and highlighted!!! I was looking a bit scraggly! My tummy has been very twitchy the past few days. I am sure that has something to do with some sort of growth. Brian and I are scheduled to leave for Florida next Saturday, and hopefully that is a good feel better get away. I hope we haven't paid money for me to find new places to throw up...

Brian and I are still praying for the second trimester to be easier than the first, but at the same time trying not to get our hopes up to much because we don't want to count on something and it not happen. Brian has been a trooper, and I just can't even describe how wonderful he has been.

I hope this blog finds you all doing well and enjoying the summer!

13 Week Development

Dates and numbers:
There are 185 days until your due date on December 16, 2008.
You are 95 days pregnant.
You are 3.1 months pregnant.
You are in your 4th month of pregnancy.

This is the last week of your first trimester and your baby weighs 14 to 20 grams. The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 2.6 to 3.1 inches. Your baby is now about the size of a peach. Fetal growth is amazing from now through about the 24th week of pregnancy.

At this point of your pregnancy, there is a steady flow of pregnancy hormones in your bloodstream. Your body will adjust to the changes and morning sickness might stop and other early symptoms will begin to ease. Because the second trimester is approaching, feelings of anxiety or nervousness may also diminish. You have probably gained some weight by now. You are losing your waist and your clothing is probably fitting snugly.

There is a milky membrane that surrounds your baby. It is pierced by the umbilical cord and is made up of two layers, which are fused together. Your placenta provides most of the nutrients and oxygen that your baby needs. By this week, the placenta is well formed and ready to take over hormone manufacture from your ovaries. The placenta will produce progesterone and estriol. These hormones will be crucial in the maintenance of your pregnancy. Tissue that will form your baby\'s bones is being laid down, especially around the head and limbs. The nose and chin are becoming more prominent. Your baby\'s eyelids meet and fuse together and they will not open again for nearly four months. The eyes started out on the side of your baby\'s head and they are now moving closer together on the face. The ears come to lie in their normal position on the sides of the head. If examined outside of the womb, you will be able to distinguish male from female at this time.

The sockets for all twenty teeth are formed in the gums, and vocal cords are beginning to form.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Truth About 12 Weeks

So after reading the update from I thought I would give the TRUTH about being 12 Weeks pregnant. haha!

As my earlier post said I was in the ER on Saturday and Sunday I really didn't move off the couch. This week I have been living in a perpetual state of nausea. I really am trying to be optimistic about feeling better, but it has really been rough.

I ended up having a minor melt down day before yesterday because I feel like everything in my life is suffering. I don't feel like I spend any quality time with my DH, I am CONSTANTLY late to work (assuming I make it in), my house is in total disarray, and I hated the way people were driving that morning. Luckily my DH is wonderful and does e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. he possibly can to keep our lives running smoothly, and I have good bosses that are pretty understanding when I call and just say "It's been a bad morning". I guess this is just a phase.

Other than that just the normal emotions of being pregnant are coupled with my fear of my first pregnancy. Yes, I understand that things are different in every pregnancy and when you get right down to it I am super blessed to have been so sick. There really is no question in my mind that something is going on in my body, something big... So while being sick is a comfort, I guess I just need prayers to have some sort of peace or another sort of reassurance that things are going correctly, and TB is getting everything a growing baby needs..

AND yesterday was our 4th Wedding Anniversary! I spent a good portion of it laying in the bathroom floor, but again Brian was wonderful and came through with a wonderful gift... He is more than I could ask for in a husband but most of all more than I could ask for in my best friend.

12 Week Development

I thought I would do a post weekly to show what the "normal" progress of pregnancy should be...

12 Weeks -
Dates and numbers: There are 192 days until your due date on December 16, 2008.
You are 88 days pregnant.
You are 2.9 months pregnant.
You are in your 3rd month of pregnancy.

Your baby's crown-to-rump length is almost 2.5 inches and she now weighs between 8 and 14 grams! In just three weeks, your baby's size has more than doubled and begins to look a lot more human. Even though you won't be able to feel your baby moving at this time, you can stimulate him and he will squint, open his mouth and move his fingers or toes.

By the end of this week, your uterus is too large to remain completely in your pelvis. You might be able to feel your uterus above your pubic bone. The uterus will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy and will return to its usual size within a few weeks after delivery. Before pregnancy, the uterus is almost solid and holds less than 0.3 ounces. During pregnancy, your uterus will become a thin-walled, muscular container that will hold the fetus, amniotic fluid and placenta. Before pregnancy, the uterus weighs approximately 2.5 ounces and when your baby is born, it will weigh almost 40 ounces!

Because most of the structures are already formed at this point, few will be formed after this time. The structures will continue to grow and develop throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. Your baby's skeletal system now has centers if bone formation in most of the bones. The digestive system is capable of making contractions that push food through the bowels and it is also able to absorb sugar. The pituitary gland beginning to make hormones. You will probably be able to hear your baby's heartbeat with a Doppler at this time!

This week may be the first week that you begin to feel better! Morning sickness often tends to improve or diminish at this time. You may begin to show slightly, especially if this is not your first pregnancy. You will feel more comfortable in loose clothing, such as maternity clothes. In addition to your tummy getting larger your breasts, hips, legs and sides may be getting bigger also.

Your baby develops reflexes and the skin is very sensitive. The brain is fully formed, and the child can feel pain. the baby may even suck his thumb. The eyelids now cover the eyes, and will remain shut until the seventh month to protect the delicate optical nerve fibers.

NT Scan Results

I am sorry I am just now getting around to updating from my appointment on Monday. Things went well, we got some good picture of Tweedlebug, and things looked wonderful during the ultrasound. They drew a good amount of blood afterwards, and I knew I would have to wait for those results so I have been dragging my feet updating because of that.

I called the nurse today and she told me my results were NEGATIVE, and that is what we were looking for. I am sure I will get some more complete numbers when I go back to the doctor at the end of the month. When I called they told me they don't normally give results over the phone, but I guess they know me well enough to know that I could possibly camp in their lobby if they don't give me some sort of information.

Now for the FUN part... Pictures!!! and I will give some descriptions to help those of you with "untrained eyes" try to see what we see...

TB looking right at the camera. Face is on the left and hands are up by TB's face.

The u/s tech helped out a lot here. You can see where she labeled TB's knee and foot. Brian and I decided TB has my feet because they are only about 2cm long right now.

Again, TB is looking right at the camera but face is on the right, and tummy is on the left. TB is waving at the camera.
Infamous profile shot. TB's head is on the left and you can see arms and legs...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trip to the ER

I got to spend the day in the hospital/er yesterday. I was severly dehydrated after 15 hours of straight throwing up. Nice... Not really sure what caused it but it sucked. By the time we got home Friday night from the Tim McGraw concert I was throwing up. I was back up at 6 throwing up and by 2 yesterday afternoon I knew it wasn't going to stop and Brian called the after hours dr. They sent me straight to the hospital. 5 hours later, 2 bags of IV fluids, numerous pokes, and a double dose of Zofran, I was still throwing up, but hydrated enough for them to let me come home. I finally quit throwing up last night, and have eaten a small bit today. They told us not to worry about the eating as much as the fluid intake. Because I wasn't cramping or bleeding they weren't worried about TB.

My NT scan is tomorrow at 2:30. I think we have to be there at 2ish.