Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29th Doctor Appointment

As I posted yesterday I was a bit apprehensive about my doctor appointment today. Really there was no reason because it went very well. I love to walk in to the office and to be able to bypass everyone standing in line and "Express Check In". That really is nice!!!

Let's see - I guess it was what will become a "routine" doctor appointment. Of course Brian really had no idea what to expect, and I didn't mention much because I didn't want him to be disappointed if things didn't go like I thought they would... Routine - pee in a cup, weigh, blood pressure, explain to Dr. Huff how things have been going, listen to Tweedle Bug's heartbeat. She did tell us to hope that the nausea would go away in 6 DAYS!!! (I think Brian might hold her to that date because I think he is tired of me saying I want this to eat, and I need it NOW!!! He really is being awesome.) I will get to quit taking the Progesterone next week - and hopefully that will aid to my feeling a bit better. I call them the devil pills, but whatever it takes I will do. I was really hoping to get to hear TB's heartbeat today, but didn't want to get my hopes up to much in case it was still a bit to early, but there it was beating nice and strong at 162. I don't know that Brian was prepared to hear the heartbeat, but when she pulled the doppler out I turned to look at his face, and the only way to describe it was priceless. He was all grins, and giddy! Tweedle Bug was a bit of a tease in the beginning apparently playing with the doppler as we got to hear a lot of "swooshing" going on.

Let's see - what else... We go in on Monday for the NT scanning at 2:30, and our "Big" OB ultrasound is scheduled for 7/24 at 10 a.m. Brian did break down and tell me he would like to know if we are having a boy or a girl at the ultrasound, but I am still undecided. Anyone out there want to persuade me either way? And I don't want the generic answers about how much easier it is to plan, blah, blah, blah...

I did muster up the courage to ask Dr. Huff today when we lost Junebug, because I knew we were well past that mark now and I didn't think I would have a breakdown. I remained composed when she told me 7w 5d because I thought it was about 7w 3d. It is so interesting to me how much you know without knowing.

Other than that, I am looking forward to feeling better soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Knock on wood...

Is it possible to take back my statements about thinking the morning sick-ies are going away? If so, I take it back because I really feel pretty bad. Yesterday and today have both been very trying, so I am not going to be saying that anymore...

I am anxious for my doctor appointment tomorrow. I am hoping to get to hear baby's heartbeat and if possible another ultrasound... I don't know why that would happen, but a girl can wish right?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long (or was it?) Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun... Saturday my wonderful hubby took me to eat at my very favorite Mexican food hole in the wall, and then we bought some new patio furniture. Sunday we ate and swam. Monday we worked in our back flowerbed, and then went swimming.

Our weather has been CrAzY - seriously. Saturday we were worried that a storm that loomed over Perry might do some damage to Brian's parents house, but after what seemed like hours the storm finally moved on. Both Sunday night and last night it rained at our house. Last night the rain was coupled with strong straight line winds, and a ton of thunder and lightening.

I think the key to success with morning sickness is to not really eat meals, but more snacking, and to get enough rest/sleep.

I think that is all the news I have at this point in time. I go to the doctor on Thursday and hopefully we will get a few of the extra appointments scheduled. We also need to meet with the hospital financial advisor - doesn't that sound like a lot of fun?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Important Dates

I will used this to note when doctor appointments will be... Unless noted otherwise they are regular OB appointments.

May 12 - Meet with Nurse to go over family history
May 29 @ 8:45 - UPDATE IN POST TODAY!!!
June 2 @ 2:30 - NT Scan
June 26 @ 11:15 - Updated - June 27 @ 8:45
July 24 @8:45
July 24 @ 10:00 - Complete OB ultrasound


  • Nuchal translucency screening - Between 11 & 14 weeks (to your baby's risk of having Down syndrome (DS) and some other chromosomal abnormalities as well as major congenital heart problems.)
  • "Big Ultrasound" - Between 18 & 20 weeks - SEE ABOVE!!!

Again - I will update this post as more appointments are scheduled.


As time goes on I am feeling much better than I was around weeks 6-9. (Remember in terms of pregnancy you talk in weeks and trimesters. A pregnancy is considered full term at 40 weeks) Most of the time I feel pretty good, but when things are bad, they are really bad.

My limitations with food are expanding. There are a lot of things I don't like to smell, or the texture. Right now I really try to eat things that are cold or room temperature. I am finally better with the textures of fruits, but vegetables are still pretty bad. I was really doing pretty well with sandwiches, but I did not realize that lunch meat was a big no-no, so that has also been pretty much cut out of my small diet. Water is not easy to drink, but I have found that the colder I can get it the better I am. I just have to watch and not crunch my ice! :)

I am only taking Zofran (the miracle pill) and Phenergan as needed, not all the time now.

I am tired, but not completely exhausted.

My waistline is expanding, but I can still wear my "normal" jeans. I am sure that has to do with the fact that I wear low rise jeans.

I think that about covers how I feel, now if you ask Brian how he feels that might be something else. He won't let me do what I "normally" do (i.e. working in the yard, helping carry the heavy things). I really do appreciate everything he is doing - and our yard looks GREAT!

Just the Basics...

I thought I would start this blog for those people who are both near and far! This can be a way for everyone to keep up with Baby D's stats and development. I can update here on everything going on and then everyone can see first hand our progress...

So let's start with the basics -
Active Players of the House - Stacy, Brian, Toree and Wriglee
Expected Due Date - December 16th by my calculations

A fun game for Tweedlebug -
Come enter your guesses -

As of today (May 22, 2008)
Dates and numbers: There are 207 days until your due date on December 16, 2008.
You are 73 days pregnant. You are 2.4 months pregnant. You are in your 3rd month of pregnancy.
Your 1st trimester: March 11, 2008 to June 09, 2008. (0 - 12 weeks)
Your 2nd trimester: June 10, 2008 to September 22, 2008. (13 - 27 weeks)
Your 3rd trimester: September 23, 2008 to December 16, 2008. (28 - 40 weeks)

And the breakdown of weeks:

Week 1 - 3/18/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 2 - 3/25/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 3 - 4/1/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 4 - 4/8/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 5 - 4/15/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 6 - 4/22/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 7 - 4/29/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 8 - 5/6/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 9 - 5/13/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 10 - 5/20/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 11 - 5/27/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 12 - 6/3/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 13 - 6/10/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 14 - 6/17/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 15 - 6/24/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 16 - 7/1/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 17 - 7/8/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 18 - 7/15/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 19 - 7/22/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 20 - 7/29/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 21 - 8/5/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 22 - 8/12/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 23 - 8/19/2008 - COMPLETE
Week 24 - 8/26/2008 - In process
Week 25 - 9/2/2008
Week 26 - 9/9/2008
Week 27 - 9/16/2008
Week 28 - 9/23/2008
Week 29 - 9/30/2008
Week 30 - 10/7/2008
Week 31 - 10/14/2008
Week 32 - 10/21/2008
Week 33 - 10/28/2008
Week 34 - 11/4/2008
Week 35 - 11/11/2008
Week 36 - 11/18/2008
Week 37 - 11/25/2008
Week 38 - 12/2/2008
Week 39 - 12/9/2008
Week 40 - 12/16/2008
Week 41 - 12/23/2008
Week 42 - 12/30/2008

And I think that about covers it... Questions feel free to ask! Want to know anything let me know! I look forward to having each and everyone of you following along on this exciting journey with me and Brian.